Love Full Moon Spells with voodoo spells

Love Full Moon Spells With Voodoo Spells , First of all, the only natural satellite of mother earth is an enchantress herself for a long time. You are probably wondering why the shape-shifter has such an influence on you. Well, you are not the only one to think the same way. Millions of people are hypnotized by this water element holder from the ancient time. So it is obvious that you will find lots of moon spells in Eastern and Western culture. Furthermore, the shape-changing nature has divided the moon into important phases like a new moon, waxing and waning moon etc. In Vedic astrology, the Moon has a female character and it is the ruler of winter. Furthermore, it is called Soma and its power is strong while conjoined with Sun, Venus, Jupiter, and Mars.

Love Full Moon Spells With Moon Magic

Some show malevolent nature in Vedic astrology if it works together with Saturn, Rahu and another shadow planet Ketu. The most noteworthy thing about Moon magic is the spells are all considered the waxing phase beneficial. Furthermore, the lord of the night is the lord of wealth, power, passion and lust also. That is why different phase of Moon has strong effects on your emotions. Furthermore, the new and dark moon phases also affect the sea, river, and storms in the earth. In Western astrology, herbs are candles are the strong catalyst in Moon magic. According to the phase structure of the moon in Vedic astrology new moon is the starting of the new journey. You can cast spells for new ventures/relationship in this time. The next phase is waxing moon.

After the darkness of new moon, the satellite starts to gain energy in this phase. This phase is great for encouraging spells like intensifying a relationship. This is the best time for fertility magic. The gibbous moon is good for minor magic at this time the energy is scattered and the moon is changing into a full moon. The full moon is the best time for charm, love, and passion as moon energy is at the peak and it increases the psychic energy inside you.Then you will find the waning gibbous phase. The moon is leaving its energy in nature and this is the perfect time to gather the energy from nature. You can try preparation or expel spell. The waning moon is the last phase of the new moon.

Love Full Moon Spells

Therefore it shows the nearly dark moon and you should not try any spells this time. Some Western astrology suggests this time as the preparation time for strong spells. You should gather your energy for meditation to reach siddh. The dark moon is the invisible moon moments for 2-3 days and it is the releasing time of bad habits, energy etc. According to Rig Veda, the moon lord is connected with the deities like water lord Varun, Vishnu and Parvati. Fire god Agni and Lord Shiva have strong effects in sacrificing and love spells. Vedic culture defines moon lord as the lovelorn and that is why he is the ruler of your emotions. You can try Soma mantra for one complete moon cycle while chanting 108 times facing moon.

The love spell will increase your illuminate the hidden emotions. Start this recitation in full moon Monday. The god defines the color yellow or white therefore try wearing any of the colors while chanting the same. The ruler of pearl or moonstone is useful in candle magic to return the lost lover. First of all, make moon water from moon dust. According to spell books try this one the 1st day of full moon. At night under the brightest moonlight put an earthen pot full of water. Moondust will mix in it all night. The next day draws a circle around a thick white candle using the same and lit the flame. You should speak your wish aloud to get back your lover while focusing on the flame.


Zodiac signs show different effects under Moon. Moon in Taurus is the symbol of love while in Scorpio it increases psychic power and charm. Therefore you should know Moon’s position on your birth chart and sign. Furthermore, Vedic astrology defines some planetary connections for love. Consequently when Sun and Moon conjoin the person shows easy submitting features towards the woman. If the Jupiter connects the Moon in 4th, 7th or 9th house in birth chart the person is a regular changer for lovers. The combination of Moon with Mercury in the 2nd house defines a person as unkind. Furthermore, the Venus and Moon in the same house prove a person sinful but poetic in a feature.

So you must choose your partner wisely according to the moon’s effect on the zodiac. However, a full moon is the best time for love spells other moon phases is useful in case of urgency. But you must avoid the new moon phase for love spells. To focus all your energy to attract someone you love you can try one ancient spell. Firstly light three candles in a row taking the middle one thick and larger. Now take a silver mirror to reflect the moonlight through it in the room. You need one willow tree branch to complete the spell. Bind 9 silver balls/ bells in the branch and reflect the moonlight so that the light comes after passing the candles. Finally, shake the branch and make your wish for love.


Waning moon magic can help you get rid of quarrels, conflation in love life. The especially relevant thing you need in this case is flowing water. Waterlily, Willow or Poppy are best for moon magic. Therefore take any of those dying flowers to symbolize what you want to remove from your conjugal life. Draw a square around it using rock salt or sand. You should rub the lining while making your wish after that. Finally, throw the dying flower in the free flow of water. Your wish will be granted soon. Do the complete ritual under the waning moon in a roof or large windowed room where moonlight reflects on the rituals.