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Lost love spells

Lost love spells – Bring back lost lover

An (Ethical) Spell to Bring Back Lost Love Although a lot of people look for spells to bring back lost love, usually with an ex, love spells that target a specific person are often a matter of controversy.

Many witches will shy away from lost love spells, and even warn others against it. Is it possible to cast a love spell to bring back your lost lover without infringing on their free will, and attracting karma back? As it turns out, there is a way to cast spells like these without harming the other person, and it can be way more effective than trying to force another person to love you against their will.

With this spell, you will instead focus on clearing all the negative energy between yourself and your target, and on turning yourself into an attractive recipient for their love.

In many cases of lost love, a relationship starts out with two people in love, and deteriorates due to fights, fears, insecurities and anger, to name a few obstacles to true love.

Eventually all this negative energy builds up, and the relationship ends. So by clearing up this energy, you actually have a better chance of rekindling with your lost love, than if you were to try and bind them to you against their will, with all the negative energy still present.

Note: It is important to be prepared to put in the work on yourself before and after performing this lost love spell – even if you clear up the negative energies, you will build up more of them if you keep repeating the same patterns that contributed to the relationship failing in the first place.

So make sure that you have the self-awareness and willingness to be the best version of yourself in this relationship. Spell to Clear Negative Energies and Bring Back Lost Love You need to perform this lost love spell every day, preferably at the same time, for seven consecutive days.

It is best to start this spell during the waning moon phase as it is a purifying spell. The best timing is to begin on the first day of the waning moon, and stop on the new moon.

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